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Managing Agents and the company name of the developers change from time to time. We would appreciate information from residents to provide corrections and updates. Please email the web manager.

Developer Contacts

Landowners - Carillion
Developer Development Managing Agent Roads/Blocks
North Harbour

020 8902 1101

Nautica La Marina Styles Harold Williams Ivy House Ivy Terrace Eastbourne
BN21 4QU
01323 437900 
Arequipa Reef
Callao Quay
Ensenada Reef
La Serena Place
Palmyra Place
Trujillo Court
Country Homes
136 High Street
Surrey GU1 3HJ

01483 459955
Hamilton Quay
Fell Reynolds External link logo Hamilton Quay
Heritage Quay Sanders Property Management
Contact: P. Sanders
01323 736442  www.sanderspm.comExternal link logo
St. Lawrence Mews
St. Lawrence Place
St. Lawrence Way
David Wilson Homes

01404 271002

Compass Point Eastbourne Lettings 22 Church Street, Old Town, Eastbourne
01323 430811
Malvern Reach
Monteray Wharf
Panomar Reach
Phoenix Drive
Jones Homes Ltd
3 White Oak Square
Kent BR8 7AG
Tel: 01322 665000
Chatsworth Strand Ross & Co External link logo San Diego Way
J W Stratton
JWS Homebuilders
1 Mill Lane
West Sussex BN43 5AB

01273 453578

Fisherman's Village Fell Reynolds External link logo Admiralty Court
Admiralty Crescent
Admiralty Way
Chatham Court
Chatham Green
G. Wimpey South London Ltd
Weald Court
103 Tonbridge Road
Kent TN11 9HL

01732 836000

Marina Village CPM? Anchorage Way
Pitcairn Avenue
Samoa Way
Solomans Close
Vancouver Avenue
Caroline Way

01732 770991
Henley Park Managing agents for Henley Park Management Co. Ltd. are Leasehold Management Ltd. External link logo Aukland Quay
Campbell Mews
Christchurch Place
Johnston Place
Wellington Close
Wellington Quay
Persimmon (inc formerly Sunley Homes and Westbury Homes)
Persimmon Homes (South Coast) Ltd
100 Wickham Road
Hampshire PO16 7HT
01329 514300.
    Barrier Reef Way
Coral Reef Close
Brisbane Quay
Hobart Quay
Macquarie Quay

01256 366450

Midway Quay Fell Reynolds External link logo Palomar Court
Rapala Court
Fiador Court, Orvis Court,
Bimini Court, Centauri Court
Silver Homes

01892 610740
Silver Wharf   Belvedere
Pierpoint Mews
Silver Strand East
Silver Strand West
Whiteoak Developments Ltd
Whiteoak House
80 High Street
Surrey, KT17 1RE

020 8786 8363
Duke's Quay Hazelvine External link logo

Long Beach Close
Long Beach Mews
Long Beach View
Pacific Heights Hazelvine External link logo Golden Gate Mews
Golden Gate Way
Pacific Heights North
Pacific Heights South
South Harbour
Persimmon (inc formerly Sunley Homes and Westbury Homes)
Persimmon Homes (South Coast) Ltd
100 Wickham Road
Hampshire PO16 7HT
01329 514300.
Anguilla Court

Barbuda Quay

Canary Quay

Hazelvine External link logo


1-26 Angualla Close


Daytona Quay  Peverel OM For Port Regent Phase 5 Management Ltd Daytona Quay
Dominica Court
Grenada Close
Hazelvine External link logo
Hazelvine External link logo
1-95 Dominica Court
1-20 Grenada Close
Havana Court
Jamaica Way
Kingston Quay Stredder Pierce for Port Regent Phase 5 Management Ltd Kingston Quay
Madeira Way Stredder Pierce for Port Regent Phase 5 Management Ltd Madeira Way

Martinique Way
Monserrat Villas

Hazelvine External link logo

1-48 Martinique Way

Ocho Rios Mews Hazelvine External link logo

1-17 Monserrat Villas

Key West Peverel OM

10-21 St Lucia Walk
2-7 Anguilla Close

Sovereign Quay Pier Management
The Erinaceous Group plc
(Magnus Midland, Labyrinth)
Bermuda Place
Key West
Leeward Quay
Little Venice (The Piazza)
Santa Cruz Drive (part)
Windward Quay
St Kitts Drive
St Lucia Walk
Hazelvine External link logo 1-53 St Kitts Drive

Salvador Close

Compass Point (Sovereign) 41-57 Salvadore Close
San Juan Court Hazelvine External link logo 1-77 San Juan Court

Santa Cruz Drive

Hazelvine External link logo

1-6 2 Santa Cruz Drive
1-6 3 Santa Cruz Drive
1-6 6 Santa Cruz Drive
8-14 (evens) Santa Cruz Drive
1-4 16 Santa Cruz Drive
1-4 18 Santa Cruz Drive
20-28 (evens) Santa Cruz Drive
1-4 30 Santa Cruz Drive
Santos Wharf Hazelvine External link logo 2-48 (evens) Santos Wharf
West of Atlantic Drive
  Boston Close
Falmouth Close
Galveston Close
Hudson Close
Portsmouth Close
Quebec Close
Southampton Close
Sanders Residential Block Management External link logo manage some developments in this area.  
  The Portlands

Harbour Lights Management Company

The Portlands